Ignacio Volunteer Program

Finding God in all things

The Ignacio Volunteer program provides international and domestic 服务 immersion opportunities for Loyola University 新奥尔良’ undergraduate students. This program aims to turn the University’s mission into tangible action by recruiting students from diverse backgrounds to come together to be men and women for and with others; to pursue truth, 智慧, and knowledge through meaningful pre-trip education, 服务, and immersion; and to find God in all that they encounter.

Participants of all 服务 trips travel, serve, and live as one community during the experience. Participants are chosen a few months before the trip and meet regularly in advance of the actual travel. All trips are rooted in an Ignatian spiritual foundation of finding God in all things and include ongoing reflection within the community and on the trips. Fundraising for the trip is done by the group and as individuals.

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